purrrfect body
Water fast today

What’s up bitcheees? I water fasted today, omg feeling so good. It’s on, wednesday or thursday I’m going to hit the gym.

I’m in love

Question for the people going to gym: In order to lose weight, it’s better to walk incline or to run without incline?

2014: ON!

So I have this amazing feeling about this year. I’ve never had this feeling before. I’m super excited and happy and I know that this is going to be my year! So I made some changes. I made a new playlist on youtube, new theme on tumblr and new friends. Leave the past behind. Tomorrow I’ll start  the alice diet, and on monday I’ll start going to the gym again! I’m so excited about this! THIS IS MY YEAR!

Alice Diet

So today 30.12.2013, I’ll start the alice diet. I’ll take some laxatives to flush out the bad food. On the new year’s eve I’ll get drunk, but no food. My mom won’t let me water fast at all, but she’s ok with diets like alice and abc, so I’ll do that.

Day 1- tea

Day 2- 150 

Day 3- Tea

Day 4-200

Day 5 - 300

Day 6-400

Day 7-500

Day 8- tea

Day 9-150

Day 10-Tea with milk 

Day 11- tea

Day 12- 150

Day 14- 250

Day 13- 350 

Day 15- tea

Day 16 - 150 

Day 17- tea

Day 18- 250

Day 19- 300

Day 20- 400

Day 21- 500 

Day 22- FAST.


2014…I will be the fittest I have ever been!